Home Inventory & Emergency Preparedness

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In this online, self-paced class you will learn simple steps you can take to protect your home and family in case you ever experience a fire, flood or other emergency. Preparation is often overlooked and can be just as important as having insurance! 

 This class is packed full of resources, including: 

  • 5 self-paced modules 
  • Step-by-step directions on how to create your home inventory & organize it in the cloud for safekeeping
  • Additional tips on how to prepare for an emergency at home
  • Questions to ask your insurance provider regarding your homeowners coverage
  • Printable, sharable resources
  • Peace of mind knowing you are prepared as possible for the unexpected
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Ninja Selling Podcast

Our trio highlights the emotional toll that disasters can take and how being prepared can provide peace of mind.

I share the inspiration behind this class and discuss simple steps you can take to prepare your home and family for an emergency. 

The Ninjas also talk about how Realtors should incorporate this class into their services and annual real estate reviews. 


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 Here's what people are saying... 


"Your home inventory class broke a very overwhelming process down into quick and easy steps!"


"Thank you for giving me the confidence and tools to get my home inventory done! This has been on my list for years!" 


"This class was easy to follow, full of great information and had lots of  simple tips to help me better prepare for an emergency!" 

My Story

After 18 years as a professional teacher, I took my passion for education and technology and started a business to help adults take the stress out of using everyday technology. Since 2019, I have been teaching in-person, online and one-on-one classes on a variety of topics, including how to protect your family and home by creating a home inventory and emergency preparedness plan. 

This class came about after Colorado's Marshall Fire devastated communities close to home and where I teach. Hearing story after story of those affected and watching them recover and rebuild has been heartbreaking. 

I hope you never experience such loss, but if you do this class will give you peace of mind knowing you have done everything you can to prepare your home and family for the unexpected! 

I look forward to working with you!