Teaching you simple steps to organize your pictures so they are easy to find, share and print!

Digital Picture Organization

Learn how to transform the digital clutter on your phone into organized memories, taking the stress out of finding and sharing your favorite pictures!  

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Scanning Printed Pictures

Preserve and protect all those printed pictures you have sitting in albums and boxes by scanning and organizing right from your phone! 

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Free Weekly Photo Tips

Learn how to take, organize and declutter your digital pictures through our quick and easy tips delivered each week right to your inbox! 

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Westminster, CO

"Digital Picture Organization gave me the tools to finally start managing and organizing my photos."


Thornton, CO

"I have been storing and moving boxes of old pictures for years. So excited to finally get them digitized and organized!"

Broomfield, CO

"Your weekly tips are priceless! I have finally started to take small steps toward organizing my pictures!"


Broomfield, CO

"Your classes, resources and teaching make photo organization so straightforward!"


Westminster, CO

"I can finally find the pictures on my phone quickly and know how to use my photo app so much more efficiently!"


Broomfield,  CO

"Your business and class offerings are more important to our lives than many people realize!"

Are you a Senior Move Manager or Professional Organizer?

Elevate your business by learning how to organize your clients' most prized possessions, bringing even more joy and order to their lives! 

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Emergency Preparedness Classes 

I was teaching photo organization classes in local communities when Colorado's Marshall Fire hit in December of 2021. I wanted to find a way to help using skills I was already teaching and created a Home Inventory Class, walking people step-by-step through the process of creating a record of their belongings through video and pictures. This led to many other emergency preparedness classes I now share in the community and online. 

If you haven't taken steps toward preparing your home and family, we would be honored to help you! Or host your own 1-hour Emergency Preparedness Workshop to show your employees, clients or community you truly care about their safety and well-being! 

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My Story

After 18 years in the classroom, I decided to take my passion for pictures and teaching and launched a business dedicated to helping people with photo organization. My goal is to empower individuals to effortlessly find and share their favorite photos, saving them time and stress!

Since 2019, I have been teaching classes and workshops on a variety of topics, including:

  • How to organize your digital pictures, taking the stress out of finding and sharing your favorite memories
  • How to scan printed pictures and organize the newly digitized copies
  • How to create custom photo cards, books and calendars
  • How to create a quick home inventory using pictures and video, which has led to even more classes on emergency preparedness 


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