Learn how to protect your home and family by taking a few simple steps to create an emergency preparedness plan! 


🎒Simple Steps to Prepare for a Quick Evacuation

🗂 Important Documents & Insurance Questions 

▶️ How to Create a Quick Video Home Inventory

📸 How to Add Detail to Your Home Inventory

Online, Self-Paced Classes

This option provides flexibility and convenience so you can learn simple steps to prepare your home and family for an emergency when and where you have time! 

You will be given access to the class and materials for as long as you need! 

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Live Zoom Workshop

If you prefer a scheduled workshop to ensure you show up and get this very important task done for your family, our Zoom Workshops are a great option! 

You will learn from a live instructor and receive printed materials to reference! 

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Westminster, CO

"Your home inventory class broke a very overwhelming process down into quick and easy steps!"

Broomfield, CO

"This class was easy to follow, full of great information and has lots of simple tips to help me better prepare for an emergency!" 

Thornton, CO

"Thank you for giving me the confidence and tools to get my home inventory done! This has been on my list for years!" 

Host a Workshop! 

Show your clients, employees or community you care about their well-being by hosting an Emergency Preparedness Workshop! This will allow you to connect and provide valuable information at the same time!

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The Story Behind These Classes

I was teaching photo organization classes in local communities when Colorado's Marshall Fire hit in December of 2021.

I wanted to find a way to help using skills I was already teaching and created a Home Inventory Class, walking people step-by-step through the process of creating a record of their belongings through video and pictures. This led to many other emergency preparedness classes I now share in the community and online. 

If you haven't taken steps toward preparing your home or family, we would be honored to help you! Most people don't realize how life-changing it can be to take just a few simple steps in case you ever experience an emergency!

The Ninja Selling Podcast!

If you're a realtor, you probably know Matt and Garrett of the Ninja Selling Podcast!

On this episode, we discuss how real estate agents can incorporate the Home Inventory and Emergency Preparedness class into their services and annual real estate reviews. 

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