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Doing Business with a Servant's Heart

September 26, 2023

Steve Ramona has a heart of gold and is dedicated to sharing stories of people who serve through their businesses.

During our conversation, we discuss our shared love of serving the senior community. We also talk about the importance of digital decluttering and other tech tips I have had the privilege of sharing through my classes and weekly photo tips. 

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The John Papaloni Show

July 12, 2023

John Papaloni is a serial entrepreneur with a thriving real estate business in Toronto, Ontario. His podcast is a great mix of business and real estate as he shares resources, tips and interviews with other professionals. 

On this episode, I was honored to share my entrepreneurial story including all the lessons I have learned up to this point. We talked about my passion for teaching technology to adults and how I have pivoted my business as it has grown. John asked great questions to drive our conversation and we had quite a few laughs! 

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Ninja Selling Podcast

May 11, 2023

Our trio highlights the emotional toll that disasters can take and how being prepared can provide peace of mind.

I share the inspiration behind my Home Inventory and Emergency Preparedness Class and discuss simple steps you can take to prepare your home and family for an emergency. Preparation is often overlooked but can be just as important as having insurance! 

The Ninjas talk about how this online class would be a great gift real estate agents can incorporate into their services and annual real estate reviews. 

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