Fall Pics

The Most Photogenic Time of Year

holiday pictures seasons Sep 13, 2022

For just a few short weeks, nature provides breathtaking views as the leaves transform into bright, bold colors we don't see any other time of year. 

So, get outside and take a few pics!

Whether you head out to the backyard, a local park or even up to the mountains, all you need is your phone and your favorite humans and you'll walk away with unforgettable photos you can post, frame or even use for this year's Christmas card.

A Few Fall Photo Tips 

Tip #1: Do a Quick Google Search

Google "fall colors 2022" and if you're lucky you will find a map local map that tells you when and where to catch the best views near you


Tip #2: Schedule It!

The leaves change quickly so if you don't put it on the calendar you might miss your window! 

Tip #3: Location
If you can get to the mountains I highly recommend it but if not find a park, lake or even an outdoor mall with beautiful trees near you to take a few pictures! 

Tip #4: Attire

You don't have to spend hours on Pinterest picking out perfectly coordinated outfits or spend hundreds of dollars on new clothes! Just head to your closet and pick out something that won't make you and your family blend in or clash with the reds, yellows and oranges of fall!

I hope you all have an amazing September!

All the best,