Scanning Printed Pictures

tips & tricks Jun 07, 2022

Sometimes it takes a life-changing event to realize the importance of our old, printed pictures!

Ask anyone who has had a recent wedding or funeral and they probably spent hours and hours looking at old photos to put together a slideshow, collage or just to share stories!

So many of us store these prized possessions in dusty old tubs in the basement or garage. 
However, you can preserve and protect your pictures simply by scanning them from your phone! 

  • Step #1- Download the "Photo Scan by Google" app

  • Step #2- Follow the prompts to set up the app

  • Step #3- Choose one album, envelope or stack of pictures and scan just a few of your favorites. You don't have to scan them all, but having the best of the best digitized will help preserve and protect your favorite memories 

  • Step #4- Organize your newly digitized photos in an album in Apple or Google Photos 


Your kids and grandkids will be grateful you have digitized all those memories so they don't have to dig through your old boxes and tubs someday! 

All the best,