Photo Gift Ideas 🎄🎁🎅🏻

holiday pictures photo gift Nov 28, 2023

Christmas has been everywhere for MONTHS... Target, Costco, Starbucks and even on the radio!

But if you're not a "Christmas in July" shopper, this week after Thanksgiving might be the first time you're really starting to think about holiday shopping. You might even start to panic as you realize there are only 27 days until that special day spent with friends, family, food, and of course, presents

And if your loved ones already have everything they need, another sweater, gadget or kitchen appliance is likely to find its way to a closet or drawer by New Year's no matter how creative your idea seemed at the time! 

Instead, think of how you can use your favorite photos to give a sentimental gift that will bring joy for weeks, months and maybe even years to come! 

You can make your own custom photo gifts using numerous websites like
 WalgreensShutterfly or Mixbook. Some of these services offer same-day pick up while others have to be shipped so if you want it under the tree by Christmas, start planning now! 



Custom Photo Gifts on Etsy
Etsy is one of the most amazing places to shop for unique, custom photo gifts! Whether you want a beautiful print, custom wine glass for your best friend, a painting, 3D photo or a variety of other gifts you might not even know exist, Etsy has options you won't find anywhere else! 

HERE for Etsy's Photo Gift Ideas


Photo Calendars

I have been gifting personalized photo calendars for almost 15 years to my family and now it's become a tradition to spend Christmas morning looking through everyone's newly opened calendars as we reminisce about all the memories from the year before. These gifts are displayed in kitchens and offices for an entire year... talk about the gift that keeps on giving!


Christmas Ornaments
Could your loved one use a little updating to the ol' Christmas tree? You can create a custom ornament for your loved one with a great family photo, a favorite vacation memory or even a photo of his/her furry family member! This is a simple gift that will be displayed not just now but for years to come!


Photo Books
Photo books capture memories from a year, vacation or can even be filled with photos of all the grandkids! This is a great gift that will allow your loved one to share his/her favorite stories now and in the future! Mixbook is by far my favorite site with beautiful templates and is incredibly user-friendly!


I wish you a safe and healthy start to December!

All the best,