Answers to Your Most FAQs About Digital Pictures

Apr 30, 2024

Over the last few years of teaching people how to organize and manage their photos, I have had some of the same questions come up over and over again. So here they are with answers that will hopefully clear up any confusion if you've wondered the same! 



  • If I add a picture to a digital album, can I delete it from my photo stream?


  • No
  • If you delete a picture from ANYWHERE, you delete it from EVERYWHERE! 
  • Some people want to clean up their pictures and think that by putting photos in albums, they can then go back and get rid of them in their photo stream to clear up the mess. However, each digital photo has ONE specific link so by deleting that picture anywhere you are deleting it from everywhere. 

Give it a try: 

  • Take a random picture wherever you are right now.
  • Add that picture to an album you have already created
  • Go back to your "Library," or photo stream and delete that photo
  • Open the album and you will see that photo is no longer there



  • If I have pictures in multiple places/albums, am I doubling my storage? 


  • No
  • Each digital picture has a specific link, so if you have one photo in multiple places/albums you are just providing multiple ways to access that ONE link/photo. 
  • You can have a single picture in two, five or even ten different albums and it is still only taking up the storage of one photo. 



  • If I delete an album, am I deleting all of the pictures in that album?


  • No
  • Sometimes I create temporary albums for a project such as a birthday card, graduation collage or Christmas calendar. I need the pictures organized in one, easy-to-access place for a time. However, once the project is complete I can delete the album, removing the way those pictures are organized, but they can still be viewed in my photo stream. 


If you have any other questions related to pictures, please feel free to email me and I'd love to add them as a future Tuesday Tip! If you are confused, chances are so is everyone else! 


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