Benefits of Using Your Timer

tips & tricks Jun 14, 2022

I shared this tip a few months ago, but now that it's summer and we're FINALLY able to enjoy concerts, weddings, birthday parties, vacations and so many other things we have missed for the last few years knowing how to take a great group selfie is key! 

You only get a few seconds to capture the moment so increase your chances of getting an amazing photo by using your timer instead of trying to single-handedly balance your phone just a few feet from your face as you try to hit the shutter button... those pictures are never very flattering.


Benefits of using a timer:

  • allows you to add yourself in the photo without the awful close-up
  • great for group photos
  • great for photos when you want that breathtaking background included (mountains, beach, etc...) and a selfie is just too close
  • can set a timer for 3 or 10 seconds so you have time to run and jump in the photo

How to use your timer:
These directions are for an iPhone. If you have a different device you can search YouTube (they have a video or everything) and find one for your specific phone. 



I hope you have an amazing week and Father's Day celebrating all the amazig dads in your life! And if Father's Day is a difficult day for you, I hope you find something to do that brings you peace this weekend!  

All the best,