Digitize to Organize: Scanning Printed Pictures

Elevate your business by learning how to organize your client's most prized possessions, bringing even more joy and order to their lives! 


This class is packed full of resources, including:

  • Benefits of photo organization for your clients and your business
  • How to organize the scanning PROCESS, especially if your clients have hundreds or thousands of printed pictures
  • How to download and use the scanning app
  • How to organize the new digital photo copies into albums so they are easy to find and share
  • Answers to questions that will come up with your clients in the process of scanning and organizing photos, such as "How does the cloud relate to my pictures" and "How do I add details to my new digital copies (names, years, etc..)?"

You will receive:

  • 5 modules with step-by-step directions for each part of the scanning and organizing process
  • Videos and printable resources you can reference or use with your clients
  • Your own copy of the slide presentation you can use with you clients 
  • Marketing materials to promote photo organization for your business 

$199.00 USD