Emergency Preparedness 

Learn simple steps to prepare your home and family for an emergency. Preparation is often overlooked but can be just as important as having insurance! 

Online Classes

These classes emerged in the wake of Colorado's devastating Marshall Fire, which destroyed over one thousand homes and left countless families displaced.

Hearing heartbreaking stories of those affected and watching the recovery and rebuilding process inspired us to help our clients take charge of their safety by guiding them through the process of preparing their homes and families for an emergency.

We have been teaching these classes in local Colorado communities and hope that by offering them online we can help even more people take steps toward creating an emergency preparedness plan because you never know when or where disaster might strike next!

Don't wait until it's too late! 

Host a Workshop! 

Show your clients, employees or community you care about their well-being by hosting an Emergency Preparedness Workshop! This will allow you to connect and provide valuable information at the same time.     


                           ✔ Choose an in-person or online workshop

                           ✔ Two workshop options with varying content

                           ✔ Includes registration links, resources and follow-up emails

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As we continue to see fires, floods and other events in the news it serves as a reminder that EVERYONE would benefit from preparing their families and homes for an emergency! Sharing this class will not only provide peace of mind but far outlast any material gift!


                           ✔ This is a great gift for your friends, family and loved ones

                           ✔ If you typically give your clients a gift this is a great out-of-the-box idea

                           ✔ Share with your employees to show you care about their well-being

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"Your home inventory class broke a very overwhelming process down into quick and easy steps!"


"This class was easy to follow, full of great information and had lots of  simple tips to help me better prepare for an emergency!"


"Thank you for giving me the confidence and tools to get my home inventory done! This has been on my list for years!" 

The Ninja Selling Podcast!

If you're a realtor, you probably know Matt and Garret of the Ninja Selling Podcast!

On this episode we discuss how real estate agents can incorporate the Home Inventory and Emergency Preparedness class into their services and annual real estate reviews. 



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